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Maximum performance and operations

The COT Oil Refiner System eliminates all risks associated with water intrusion in lubrication and hydraulic oils. Our groundbreaking purification technology is designed to work seamlessly with all types of transmission, pitch and brake hydraulic systems. Our solution ensures the oil remains completely free from water, significantly extending the lifespan of both the oil and the application by doubling it or even more. Invest Oil Refiner System today, and avoid costly downtime, expensive repair and the COT maintenance while getting maximum performance and operations. Additionally, our solution facilitates a smooth transition from fossil-based mineral oils to more sustainable bio-based oils.

Explore the benefits

Extend the life-span and usage of the oil and application

By effectively removing all the water in the oil, our solution not only doubles and even more the oil’s and application’s life-span but also reduces the risk of wear on gearboxes and pitch hydraulics. This leads to improved operational time and significant performance enhancements, extending the life of your applications and oil.

Service- and maintenance-free

We want our customers to be able to focus on their core business and operations. Our solution is designed for continuous operation without the need for regular maintenance, significantly reducing costs and minimizing the risk of operational downtime.

Sustainable solution

Our solution also contributes to a more sustainable operational approach that protects our environment. By extending the life of both the oil and the system we

also reduce the consumption of oil, components and CO2 emissions.

Fast-track your ROI

Achieve a return on your investment in just a few months with the COT Oil Refiner System, a major advantage highly valued by our customers compared to the industry

standard of two to three years.

Easy to integrate

Our technology is designed for both retrofitting existing applications and new systems, and is flexible both in terms of capacity as well as installation. The COT Oil System functions as a bypass solution and is fully adapted to your specific application and environment, minimizing both space and impact.


Unlike alternative purification systems, for example separators, tend to be large, expensive, energy- and maintenance-demanding to maintain in continuous operation, our solution is both cost-effective and maintenance-free. With a low initial investment, the COT Oil Refiner System is the most efficient solution for removing all the water from hydraulic, lubrication and transmission systems.

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