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Other hydraulic, lubrication, and industrial systems

Discover the flexibility of COT Oil Refiner System: Perfect for both stationary and mobile applications across any sector and industry. Our adaptable solution seamlessly integrates into all lubrication and hydraulic systems, making it a smart investment.

Reduce your costs with our maintenance-free solution

The COT Oil Refiner System maximizes operational reliability and reduces maintenance and operating costs across various sectors, including marine, wind, hydropower, and other hydraulic and lubrication applications and industries.

Wind power

Our COT Oil Refiner System eliminates water ingress in lubricants and hydraulic oils, reducing costs and maximizing wind power efficiency.


Maximize uptime and minimize costly breakdowns – our solution ensures clean oil use with no operational disruptions or filter changes.


Enhance operational efficiency and extend the lifespan of both the oil and application with the COT Oil Refiner System, reducing operational interruptions.