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Oil should contain
nothing but oil.

There are numerous reasons to actively keep hydraulic, lubrication and transmission oils clean. It extends the lifespan of the oil, reduces the need for maintenance and service and eliminates the risk of downtime and unnecessary expenses - money that could be better spent elsewhere. These are just a few of the many advantages provided by our groundbreaking technology.

Thousands of liters of oil are wasted
– we aim to change that.

Save money, and contribute to a better environment.

Destruction of oil, filters and other consumables is expensive for both the economy and the environment. On the other hand, simply replacing the oil is not a sustainable solution. Our technology focuses on keeping the oil clean by removing all the water. In this way, we help our customers to become more productive while saving thousands of liters of oil that would otherwise be wasted. A win win for everyone.

Poor-quality oil, expensive consequences.

Water in the oil impairs lubrication and functionality, leading to increased wear. This creates a vicious cycle of reduced productivity and high costs for unplanned downtime and frequent oil changes and application parts.

Each liter of oil causes emissions of 3.8kg of CO2.

Our COT Oil Refiner System effectively removes free, emulsified, and dissolved water from oil, maintaining water content below 100ppm for mineral oil and 200ppm for bio-oils during continuous operation. Designed for easy integration into existing setups, it not only cuts unnecessary costs and downtime but also reduces CO2 emissions by 3.8kg per liter of oil. Additionally, it supports the shift from fossil to bio-based oils.  A win-win solution - for the customer, the people, and our environment.

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